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I have seen some changes this week, starting off with the fact that I have lost an inch around my waist.
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Weekends ruin me

Well, I have spotted a trend in my habits! I do so well throughout the week and then the weekend arrives--Game over. I track my weight throughout the week and it does actually drop, sometimes by 1lb or so. On the weekend, my bad habits come back to haunt me and eating out does not help. If I am out during the day, I usually forget my water bottle and I don't get the chance to bring along plenty of fruit which results in eating sweets and other badness. At least at work during the week I can surround myself with everything I need such as nuts, fruits and a full water bottle. It is evident that these healthy habits do work!! I am sure I would see more of a result if I can find the motivation to exercise more often as well. I think like many people, group exercise is more appealing than doing it alone.

On a high note, I just completed the Spinning Instructor Orientation course over the weekend so who knows, I may be coming to a club near you soon (in the UK of course). It was a great day and extremely informative coupled with 2 intense rides--all in all it gets the thumbs up from me!

8-Week Weight Loss on Vacation

I hope everyone stayed on track during Week Five even though we didn't have our weekly meeting. I was in Costa Rica, of course, but managed to do fairly well with my Healthy Habits. One thing I'm proud of is that I managed to get quite a bit of exercise in. Normally, when I'm on vacation I take a break from exercise, but this time I hiked, ran and surfed and got in five days of good solid, heart-pumping workouts in my seven days away. I'm looking forward to getting back on the bike this afternoon, though! It's been 12 days since my last Spinning class!

Snacking and sweets still a problem.

There were two reason's for me participating in the 8-Week Weight Loss program- 1) to lose a little weight and 2) to break some of my less than healthy habits. So far I've lost two pounds, which is great because because my goal is six. However, these past few weeks have seen some zero point entries on my score sheet.

Healthy breakfast, eating fruits and vegetables, no hydrogenated fats, no alcohol and not adding excess fats to my food were never really a problem for me. I earn big points for these daily. Thanks to the program I am drinking more water than I ever did. More points there. Unfortunately, I can't seem to earn points consistently for habits 1, 4 & 6. I continue to have a problem with snacking after dinner and eating sweets and it's not just once in a while. I had family visiting these past two weeks and it's been dinners out and deserts daily.

This week I have a birthday dinner on Wednesday so I know I'll eat cake then.  If anyone see's me in the Halloween candy stash or the cookie box please stop me!

 Keep up the good work and see you in class tonight!


BTW - I am still waiting for high fives in the hall from Niccole...  

Exercise indoors

The LA Times is urging everyone in the Southland to exercise indoors, due to the poor air quality from the fires in the area.,0,7649417.story

Be careful about the time you spend outdoors as well. They are saying that even if you feel an ocean breeze, it is not helping the actual air quality very much right now.

Be safe everyone!

Looking forward to another weekend

So far I feel like I doing good. I am looking forward to this weekend, I have a party to attend and I know I and going to resist eating too much. I will blog next week on my weekend.

Good News!

I've lost six pounds so far! More importantly, I feel healthier. It's been five weeks without soda, I'm drinking tons of water, eating more fruits and veggies, and eating less junk food. We've got three more weeks of the program to go, but I know that these changes are going to stick with me.

I'm looking forward to sharing my new healthy lifestyle with my family when I go back to Michigan next month for the holidays. I'm even planning to take them to a Spinning class at a local gym!


I signed up for the spinning orientation this Saturday. I hope I can make it... Wish me luck!

Let's count the inches!

I have seen some changes this week, starting off with the fact that I have lost an inch around my waist. I am excited to see that my healthy habits are paying off. It's great to see the progress here in the office as well. We used to drink soda and eat chips in the office, but I am glad to see people eating fruits and veggies and drinking plenty of water. I'm going to continue my winning streak by avoiding fried foods and making my own meals. Wish Me Luck !

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